Medical bacteriology - Lucica Rosu

Medical bacteriology - Lucica Rosu
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Medical bacteriology - Lucica Rosu


Partea I General bacteriology
Definitions. microbiologyhistory
Bacterial taxonomy
Morphology and structure of the bacterial cell
Bacterial metabolism
Growth and multiplications in bacteria
Bacterial genetics
Antibacterial chemotherapy
Infectious process
Ecological microbiology
Part II Bacterial agents and associated diseases
Genus staphylococcus
Genus streptococcus
Genus neisseria
Mycobacteriumtuberculosis (Kock bacil-BK)
Corynebacterium diphtheriae
Enterobacteriaceae family
Genus vibrio
Hlicobacter pylori
Genus preudomonas
Parvobacteriaceae family
Genus gardnerella
Genus bacillus
Anaerobic germs
Spirili and spirochetes
Rickettsia. Chlamydia. Mycoplasma


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